Visual Studio Openframeworks error

Just watched the desktop video tutorial step by step n encountered this

I try to open the video waaaves suite and this error pops up regarding openframeworks

(I Have installed the frameworks directory via the websites video in your tutorial as well)

Has anyone found a work around to this? thanks!

howdy! for general best results in getting tech support help here are some suggestions right off the bat

-posting screenshots is awesome and definitely good, it is also good to also provide error messages in text form to make sure folks can try searching stuff. thats 90 percent of tech support in a nutshell, looking to see if theres an answer on stack exchange

-putting the name of the error you are getting in the name of the thread you are starting helps out a lot for anyone else searching for assistance on errors in this forum. i would put “could not find part of the path ‘path detailes etc etc’, has been movied, renamed, or is not on your computer” in the title.

-make sure to provide exact context for what steps you’ve completed so no one has to guess what step you are at. i.e “i already had video waaaves 2.5 up and running and just wanted to update to 2.718”, “i’m installing for the first time and got all the way through adding the openframeworks plugin to VS and got stuck here”, “i already had VS installed for work and just wanted to add video waaaves support” etc etc

off the top of my head, looks like the issue is that VS thinks your video waaaves directory doesn’t quite exist or just doesn’t know how to find it. if you look at the directory name it looks kind of supsicious to me
“raspberry pi waaave\vws_2_718_winlin\vws_2_5_winlin\etc etc” looks like there is either some needlessly confusing directory nesting happening or the directory just doesn’t exist.

my recommendation (assuming this is a first time install from scratch), take the vws_2_718.rar, extract it directly to \users\Ethan\vws_2_718, use the project generator to import each app folder, and then try opening up the vcxproj in VS and playing again