Vscode 2019 compatibility

Does anyone know if the 2019 version of vscode works with open frameworks and the rpi suite?

howdy, the rpi stuff shouldn’t require any kind of IDE to work with, they are all set up to compile using makefile. I typically edit and write code via GEANY but theres like a whole slew of like various text editors optimized for coders on raspbian, you can find many flamewars about which is the best (my favorite are usually the vim vs nano ppl, those get real spicy). some folks do definitely like to use vscode on the pi tho and i would imagine that someone has worked through what you’d need to do to setup vscode with oF on raspbian?

Oh sorry ! I meant the desktop stuff suite. It’s probably easier just to use that with the 2017 vscode due to compatibility of the of plugins right ?

i think its just like way easier to run the Video Waaaves desktop shit (and openFrameworks in general) with VS2017. other folks have told me they have got everything running with 2019 but you’d probably just want to do a little bit of research (search term “openFrameworks visual studio 2019 help”) on your own to make sure you’ve got all the steps covered