VSig board re-stocks, new designs, and a collaboration with CFOG!

I just got a new batch of PCBs so everything is back in stock - RGB Matrix, Wrangler, Gainbrain, Video Mult, Dual Distrib. I also still have a very limited number of custom panels in white (which look absolutely schmick) AND in green as well! The green ones aren’t listed on the web site yet - if you’re interested in one just get in touch directly to let me know.

The order also included prototypes for my next batch of modules - watch out for an official announcement soon!

As a sneak preview, however, I am pretty excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with Robert from Cat Full of Ghosts, another Australian video circuit maker, and he’ll be offering a number of my new designs before the official release date, for a discounted price exclusively as add-ons to his current XCHNG Kickstarter. XCHNG is a video utility toolkit module, with signal switchers, edge enhancer and dirty mixer functions. If you haven’t checked it out yet then click here for more info: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/synth-bt/video-xchng-expand-your-experimental-video-rig


Exciting developments :slight_smile: Best of luck with your new circuit.


Three questions about the 1u modules via the CFOG Kickstarter:

  1. It says they are PCB-only. But are they actually PCB + panel? (Follow-up: if they come with a panel, is it Pulp Logic or Intellijel format?)

  2. Are the build components thru-hole only, or is there SMD as well?

  3. Do they use a standard Eurorack power connection or the Pulp Logic tile tail thingies?


Hi Sean,

By “PCB only” Robert means that they’re not assembled. His Kickstarter has options for the XCHNG pre-assembled. There’s no pre-assembly option for my designs at this stage - I’m basically looking after DIYers first :slight_smile:

Each of my 1U tiles are completely through-hole and come as a full board set with either a Pulp or Intellijel panel. There’s provision for both types of power connectors so the builder can install either (but not both at the same time - there’s just not enough room for that).

Thanks for asking… I’ll ask Robert to clarify this on his page!

Here’s a picture of what they look like (these are the Pulp panels):

Ignore the RCA socket colours, they’re just what I had handy in my parts drawers :slight_smile: You can make them any colour you want.

1IF (InterFace) is a signal level/termination converter, 1VR is a fixed/variable Voltage Reference, and 1LV (LeVel) is a manual attenuator/booster. All the VSig 1U tiles are designed for LZX video signal levels.


The announcement of the rest of the range of 1U tiles I’m working on should happen towards the end of February.


Great ideas, I’ve wondered for a while why there weren’t any 1U video utilities, I think you’re the first I’ve ever seen to actually offer them.


I know! There was one 1U video tile discussed on electro-forum and uploaded as a prototype on modulargrid many years ago, but the poster deleted all their comments in the forum so I don’t think it ever came to fruition. Other than that all I could find was an occasional query to see if any existed. I figured some simple modules with a video synth perspective wouldn’t go astray, because some video people out there will have spare 1U rows in their cases just waiting to be filled :slight_smile:

Last night I tested the Intellijel panels for the first few prototypes in a friend’s genuine Intellijel case and everything was good.


a little bit off topic and just a sidenote: phil baljeu also did some 1U modules like the archer enhancer in eurorack format


Very cool! I saw a teaser FB post from him a month or so ago but then I never heard any more and there wasn’t anything on modulargrid last time I looked. Thanks for the pointer, I’ll get in touch with him.

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Does anyone in the US want to combine orders to reduce shipping costs? Would be happy to do the re-shipping once they arrive stateside (I’m in California). Let me know here.


I’m in L.A. too. Teaming up on this might be convenient for us since it wouldn’t have to involve extra shipping.


That would be great you guys!
I’m also looking into getting a few of the DIY synth distributors to stock my boards in various places around the world, to help make it quicker and cheaper for everyone.


I’m in California as well. If someone around here is interested in doing a build for me, I’d love that!


I’m getting the XCHNG pre-built as well as the PCBs for these 3 1U Visible signals modules. If anyone in the US is interested in building those for me, please message we and I’d love to arrange a reasonable price and deal! I can also order 2x or more of each, rather than just the 1x I’m ordering for myself (if the creators are OK with that!)


  “message”: “Go for it! Happy to share the love.”,
  “status”: “Request Approved”


@VisibleSignals Do you mind giving an explanation of the 1u 1VR Fixed/Variable Voltage Reference module? I didn’t quite grep the one provided in the Kickstarter update. thx!

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No worries!

Here’s a picture of one:

On the top right output there’s always exactly +1V. This corresponds to full signal brightness in the LZX euro standard, or an always “on” gate for castle modules. I typically use it when I need a signal to input into a module which has a CV input but no separate manual control for that parameter, or when I want to calibrate another module’s function to work correctly over the normal 0-1V LZX voltage range.

The knob on the left adjusts the voltage that is present on the bottom right output, ranging from negative to 0V to positive. The amount of negative or position voltage can be set during build time, by adjusting some resistors. I expect most people will want -1V to +1V for video usage. Same deal here with CV inputs, but it’s adjustable so you can directly set whatever level you want.

This utility module is obviously pretty simple and was never going to single-handedly (single-knobbedly?) revolutionalise anyone’s video art :slight_smile: But it’s small, cheap to buy and build (no LM6172 required!) and handy to have in your rig.


Awesome, thanks for the explanation!


For the 1U Visible Signals module addons to the Kickstarter, I’m commissioning an experienced video DIY builder to build from the PCB sets. I’d be happy to up the quantity of my 1U addons if any of yall are interested in getting a build! Lemme know in the next day or 2 since the Kickstarter is ending soon!

edit: if you are interested, please message and let me know if you want Pulp or Intellijel format


Thanks for that Json! For the 1U tiles don’t forget to ask people if they want Intellijel or Pulp panels - they’re different. The component PCBs support both style of power connector though, you install whichever socket you want to use at build time.