Waaave pool 1.5 on Raspberry Pi, Where to start?


on the serach of Raspberry Pi Video gear, I stumbled over waaave pool.
i downloaded the lastest image (WP1_5C_PAL.rar) and installed it on my raspberry 3.
After the boot it shows the desktop, but how can I execute / run the application?
A double click on one of the *.sh File in the VSERPI Master Boot Folder does not start anything.

scroll down to ‘IMAGES’ section here:

I believe it should boot automatically if you’ve flashed the SD card correctly.

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I flashed the image again and now it’s working.Thanks to @andrei_jay for this great piece of art.
The only thing which is confusing me are the Midi CCs of the Buttons, somehow they are not working.

Are you using the nano2 or another midi device that you personally mapped?

The issuse is solve. I used my DIY Midi controller and accidentally configered the button to a range from 0-1 instead of 0-127

Now, everthing is working ike a charm.