Waaave Pool Appreciation Thread

I just wanted to share some appreciation for the WAAAVE Pool (and all of the VSERPI really).

Initially I had been avoiding the whole Raspberry Pi world of visuals because I didn’t really love the idea of using software based video manipulation. I was more interested in the hardware side of things.

I decided to give it a bash though after hearing good things, and I’m really glad I did. Once you’re setup and running, the suite of tools (but specifically Waaave Pool) are dead simple and easy to use. Everything boots up quickly and works nicely. The depth of effects and the colourful beautiful video feedback you can get and merge with incoming video is just brilliant.

There’s a whole collection of different video processing gear I have now, but the Waave Pool is one that I find myself reaching for often. The range of effects plus the reliability of the Pi and software setup, combined with the solid signal output (no TBC needed) mean it’s great for live use, in particular blending with other bits and pieces via an Edirol.

I used the Waaave Pool in a setup along those lines for my first big live visual performance last weekend:

I did run into an issue at one point, but the quick reset of the Pi meant that I was back up and running with the Waaave Pool in about 30 seconds. No faffing about.

But also love it for processing video at home:

TL;DR. I love the Waaave Pool and think that everybody interested in video art should check it out. I’m looking forward to exploring it more, and possibly getting another Pi to run some of the other VSERPI back and forth into each other.