Waaave pool+ cheap microscope + liquid ligth show

hi all, I inserted a cheap microscope into the waave pool usb port , it works well. Now I would like to create a liquid light show in a reduced format, which type of colors or
solvents or other types of material. do you recommend me to use? I am writing from Italy so if you have links where to buy the materials from Europe it would be excellent. Thanks for the attention.

It’s been quite a few years since last time I looked into this stuff (and I never ended up doing it - too much bulky equipment), but I remember a few basic things you might already know:

Use curved pieces of glass (typically you’d use two clock glasses; for a miniature setup something like this would probably work well; you would need two, with one slightly smaller than the other)

The heat from the projector lamp is part of what makes the pigments move properly, so LED bulbs might not work as well

IIRC pigments were normally water or alcohol based, with mineral oil as the transparent medium that they get added to.

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I learned how to drop oil from Steve at Liquid Light Lab. He has a series of videos where he shows you how to create a liquid light show. Start with this first video: