Waaave_Pool displays glitchy zone along the bottom of the screen

Hi, I borrowed a friend’s Waaave Pool and for some reason the bottom 1/5th of the screen is a band of glitchy noise. The band of glitch appears below the frame and it is squeezing the output image frame to fit above it. It appears to be forcing the aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9. When I put the WP through a video mixer (like my Roland V4EX) and then apply a horizontal+vertical mirroring effect it pops back out to 4:3. I don’t know much about WPs but it seems like it may have the wrong values for a 4:3 aspect ratio ??? Not sure. Has anyone else had a problem like this or know how to fix the issue?

I don’t think I’ve had that particular issue, but it’s possible that it could be just be a bad connection or something. Have you tried using a different HDMI cable, display, or the Pi’s composite AV output instead? Also can’t hurt to re-flash the WP image on the SD card if all else fails.