Waaave Pool static interference

Hello I’ve been loving my waaave pool I received but trying to master the output quality. I get a static/signal interference with the image on my CRT TV as well as HD TV. I’ve tried both RCA/HDMI inputs/outputs but no change. Noticed the same lines on some other artist’s work using waaave pool, but also have seen it look very clean too.

Has anyone else experienced this type of static? Thanks for taking the time to read this.

the biggest thing for me with interference and raspberry pi video outputs has been using higher quality RCA cables. i wouldn’t expect to run into the issue with an all-HDMI signal chain though – if it’s showing up on your HDMI output when you are also using an HDMI input source, that seems unexpected to me.

That actually helped a lot using an HDMI only setup. Thank you! Good to know about the RCA cables as it really does reduce quality, but if you throw in a RCA to HDMI converter that will help.

We have no waaave pool yet but we totally get the same interference more often than not. Sometimes it goes away by moving cables/connectors, sometimes it doesn’t.

Our setup almost always includes HDMI-to-composite conversion through cheap unbranded small boxes, cheap RCA cables, unpowered switches and cheap splitters. Hard for us to pinpoint the primary cause.

not-english mother tongue here, would you mind to reword this for me please? what did you change?

“not-english mother tongue here, would you mind to reword this for me please? what did you change?”
they switched to using HDMI inputs and HDMI outputs and the AC noise oscillator went away. also using better quality RCA cables helped too

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