WAAAVE_POOL w/ Clockworkpi uConsole

Hello all, I’ve been lurking here for a while because I’ve been looking for advice on getting WAAAVE_POOL running on my Clockworkpi uConsole, Onlogic Shownode CM4 (RPi), or Curious Chip - PiP CM3
I have two versions of the uConsole - A-06 (RK), and CM4 (RPi).

I pretty sure the A-06 (RK) will not work with WAAAVE_POOL but the uConsole and Shownode both have a CM4 (RPi) and PiP has a CM3 (RPi), I’m thinking these should work… in theory.

Does anyone here have experience with any of the devices I’ve mentioned or have any insight on where I could start?

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Not personally familiar with those devices, but pretty sure WP and the rest of the VSERPI programs are only compatible to run on RPi 3B+ compute modules in particular, so you should start your troubleshooting from there.


I’d say it’s fairly possible. The biggest hang up will likely be GL version support. I would explore running openframeworks on said devices. If you can get some examples to run then chances are high something could be made to work from VSERPI.

What are those devices? Never heard of them.

either it would work pretty easily or be fairly time consuming, tedious, and without any guarantee of success. the simple way to install VSERPI on some kind of raspbian to run on anything other than a 3b/3b+ is to run through the whole shebang of installing openFrameworks and its dependencies and the relevant add on libraries. unfortunately the installing dependencies scripts are generated by folks on the oF dev teams, and they really only make these one size fits all for the most common operating systems & hardware sets. installing on other systems means you usually need to do a bit of detective work figuring out which libraries get left out and which ones do you actually need to try and track down to install, if they even exist.
most of this dependency installing biz has to do with making sure that apps created in openFrameworks are able to both create a window and create the correct esgl context within that window. this has been a general problem as pretty much every raspbian i’ve played around with since the days of jesse/stretch kernels doesn’t really support this at all without severe penalties to frame rates or screen tearing.

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These are all Raspberry Pi powered computers. uConsole / PiP / Shownode

Hey there! Thank you so much for the great advice. I’m excited to tinker around with everything you’ve suggested and I’ll definitely keep you updated on my progress. I think I’ll give the uConsole a try since it has a display that I can use as a monitor. Thanks again for your help!

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