Waaaves First Run Issue

Hi all, I’m at a bit of a loss with getting started here as I believe I’ve set things up as correctly as I can. I’ve tried both Waaaves and Artificial Life so far with both being unsuccessful.

(Artificial Life gives the following)

I think my main issue is only being able to install VS 2019 and therefore can’t get the openFrameworks plugin properly installed since it only seems to support VS 2017 and doesn’t appear in the online extension browser. When I open one of the .vcxproj files it asks me to update the solution to a newer SDK version:
sdk update

When looking for info on openFrameworks I had read that this was fine and the project will fix whats needed and still open (which it has) but with NDI correctly capturing and the cam1 setup seemingly being fine I don’t appear to actually be getting any input.

This seems like a fantastic project that I would love to sink my teeth into so any help would be really appreciated. Hopefully there’s something I’m just completely missing here.

Thanks for your time :^)

i’m not sure if i understood the problem, but just wanted to mention that this black and white image is what it looks like when artificial life starts up successfully

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In Artificial Life and Waaaves, you basically have success!

In waaaves click on channel 1 "collapsing folder, and select NDI as its input.

In Artifical life just go to the global controls and select the NDI input. Then go to the first dropdown menu (I forget what it’s called offhand, osc 1 I believe) and go down to the external input or whatever it’s called (something like that) and change the ring mod amount or the other one and you should get some of the NDI signal bleeding into the oscillator.

Sorry, I don’t have these programs in front of me so I don’t know the exact labels of things, but it appears to be running correctly. You just need to feed the signal into the channel (waaaves) or oscillator (Artifical Life).


Thank you both for the replies! Looks like switching it from cam1 to ndi was the trick, I had done this previously but still only got the grey square so thought that was incorrect operation, thanks for the extra advice though. I am assuming with artificial life then it’s more to modulate the already existing output with waaaves? If there is documentation on operation that I missed I’d happily look into that instead of adding posts here. Thanks again for the help though glad I’m getting somewhere!

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Oh shoot, sorry just saw this. Artificial Life works similar. Set to look at NDI signal, then when you into osc, there is some menu in there related to external signal. You bring it in as ring modulation or whatever, of the osc, and you’ll start to see your video from NDI “in” the osc signal.