Watercolor renditions of video equipment and tech

We’ve been using Mastodon for some time now and we found some awesome creative people there, eager to collaborate. One such person is Mona Lange, whose tagline is Anarchist Watercolor and Acrylic artist. I paint the machines i see and sometimes things that are important to me. I love to paint Tech. (:heart_eyes:)

We got in touch with Mona when she publicly asked for photos of tech equipment, for her to paint with watercolour. We send Mona some photos of the machines we use in our live visuals shows, and this is the outcome.

It’s so beautiful how watercolours (with all their irregularities and non-realism) bring these cold, manufactured machines to life and make them somehow natural and organic. And at the same time, Mona’s attention to detail is amazing and fully matches our geekness and love for hardware.


I love these! Do you think any of these are for sale?


Reminds me a bit of the late 90s/ early 00s tech/gaming paintings of Miltos Manetas.

Hallo there. It’s not realy for sale sorry but i if you want to have your own painting you can simply send me a picture of tech and i will send it to you.
Miltos Manetas pictures are amazing. Thank you for this wonderful reference and the nice compliment.