What kind of technology is needed to create this effect?

Hi everyone, before I ask a question, I always appreciate that you can help me overcome my difficulties! Thank you with all my heart. I keep working on the video, while I watched Nam June Paik’s , and I saw a fantastic scene where the dancer and the silhouette of the person moving behind it at the same time. I also have a video-swipinger “V-4”, and it hasn’t been a long time since I set foot here, but I thought I knew it a little bit, but when I saw this work, what should I do? I was curious, but first of all, I’m sure that the silhouette of the dancer never used the animation effect! The silhouette and the dancer’s head and body shape are very the same. My conclusion is that I presumed to have done keying from the video, i.e. the dancer, but how did I do this? As my personal work, I hope that effect will be added to my work for my master’s degree… I want to hear your advice! I look forward to your reply! Have a good day!

it’s a bit hard to see but i believe that this could be done with the downstream key functions in the panasonic series. if they were on a white backdrop it would be pretty straightforward to grab just the person and then set an outline effect on the downstream key. i believe that if you set the downstream key source as one input, but have the fade/wipe control set to show only the other input, it would show the outline combined with the regular video view. for the offset in space between the person and the outline, the simplest thing would probably be using two different cameras on the person, with slightly different framing.


Oh I see what you were trying to create now. Can you upload a video or post a link to Nam June Paik’s fantastic scene where the dancer and the silhouette of the person moving behind it? If we could watch the video we could help you better.

It’s from TV FISH my Nam June Paik
maybe if you check this video, you can understand my question easily

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Yes, I’m no expert but you should be able to luminance key in a lot of basic video mixers and some of them can add edges like stroke or drop shaddow. Or more advanced devices might be able to chroma key and do it. I reckon this was luminance because of how white the BG is.

I see! Thank you the video is very helpful.

What I am think is going on is they have a pre-recorded video playing (the white background with the outline of a man) and then he is using the luminance key effect to layer on top the second recording (the man in the red suit).

I don’t believe the effect of the white background with the outline of the man is a “live” effect. In your post you say:

“The silhouette and the dancer’s head and body shape are very the same.”

If you pay very close attention you can see that their movements are similar but not exactly the same. Which is why I believe the background is pre-recorded. How the effect of an outlined silhouette is being created from the video, that I do not know how to create.

I hope one day you figure how the effect is made. Sorry I could not be more help.


Found this online and made me think about the effect you are trying to produce.

While I do not believe this is the effect that was used in the video you posted, I am thinking you may be able at least create something close to the effect you want to produce.

Here is a link describing the device used:

It’s from the 80’s and I’m think about building one cause it is SO COOL!!