Whats yr studio/workspace look like?

lets see where everybody makes their video stuffs! this is my bedroom office which is a bit more optimized for working on the rpi stuff and general purpose programming, most of my larger gear is in the phase space basement zones. important: lots of plants and a fully stocked tea bar


this was my studio this past weekend when i had a greenscreening zone set up. it’s under a loft i built which covers half of the main space in my small apartment and the rest is full height. behind the greenscreen is my equipment storage. i rearrange my tables (and equipment setup besides my desktop computer & speakers) depending on what i’m working on.


Hey, I have that French press!

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yeah the glass ones just dont make sense to me at all

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current noiz rig setup…


Wow!! Tell me more about the electronic percussion setup on the far left!


Not too keen about showing the whole thing as I’m not good at designing/organizing/decorating the space where I work. I have a large enough room with big tables, which means that I can accomodate everything I need, but also that I’m not forced to keep it in order and in fact I don’t. There are big windows, a tall ceiling, there’s a couch, two white walls where to project (and a blue one), and the neighboroughs haven’t complained yet because of the volume, so I feel super lucky. This small pic should be enough to illustrate the current situation on my desk, it just goes on like this


i have always wanted an electronic kit built out of all of the geometric shapes the industry created back in the 80’s.
so…after a long time of collecting…i kinda found all the shapes i wanted to build the rig. (some brands i avoided due to quality)
all of the pads and even the DrumKat in the middle are wired into a patchbay in the computer rack to the right. this way i can connect them to any and all of the drum synth modules i have. last but not least is the most powerful and super overkill MalletKat which serves as a keyboard controller for me since…well…i don’t play keys.
a percussionist…not a keyboardist…hah!


i am very inspired seeing other peoples tranquil work spaces. for me (similar to @pixelflowers ) its mostly mess in boxes or mess on surfaces.

heres my workbench on a good day:

and the view on a good evening:


I’m in a converted attic space in Ohio, so I’m grateful to have my space heater, electric blanket, and humidifier. I also have a double lamp situation to make things feel cozier. Also seen: a ruler on the floor I like to measure the air with when I’m 3d modeling.


Master of mess


Little corner in Berlin


This is my studio for visual experiments. It is very small.

A record player with stuff on it, a camera, an 8x8 LED matrix, sensors of a robot, Fischertechnik toys from the old days, a GamePad, glass marbles.

And what you can’t see on the photographs: a very powerful computer with Debian, openFrameworks and Clojure.


Its usually a tangled mess of cables. This is a rare look.


Liking the old Panosonic mixer (ol the left). Just like one I circuit bent.

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Great set up!! What is the module at the top left with the joy division faceplate?

Still a mess but coming together slowly. Still have to figure out where/how I’ll be mounting r_e_c_u_r, get a third Nanokontrol and start building a colorizer. Longer term I should have space for a single row of 3u modules below the matrix switcher, design a more compact panel for the patchbay.

The shelf setup is a temporary hack because the table it’s on isn’t deep enough to fit anything in front right now, but eventually I’ll make a case for it with a drawer or something at the bottom to hold the controllers and 3trins.


Thats a custom build Oscillatoscope2b from gieskes, I really like that device and it is somehow eurorackable. The new version (vga) even has a euro option.

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we just got settled in here. added a couple more bits since, bunch of free furniture too!

got a little bed set up so low-key living here also :stuck_out_tongue:

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