Which Screen Size do you use for Re-Scanning?

Hi Scanliners!

Which monitor size is your preferred one for re-scanning purposes?
Currently, I have only small sized PVMs from 6" to 10", but thought of getting a 14".

Any opinions?



…amongst others: an old Apple VGA-CRT with Sony Trinitron Tube…

…it is - i think - 17“ and has a really flat front…

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When I look at the specs of my Sony PVM’s, I can see that the smaller ones have a lower line resolution than the PAL signal.
My 9" Sony PVM 9L2 displays 250 lines.
That could be a consideration or an aesthetic choice.

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I go all around on capture methods. Most of my stuff I run through an intensity shuttle to capture because it’s just easy - but when rescanning I go all around on my tvs. I have a 23" that I like to rescan on for resolution and aesthetic but I also love the way the blacks look on my 9" PVM so I record on that as well.

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:thinking: YOVOZOL explicitly recommended lower line resolution due to YT-compression.

Started hoarding PVMs since last summer (5“, 9“ Sony and a 10“ JVC). Creepy, how different they are reacting towards glitches. Color, I like best on the 5“ Sony, but mostly I use the 9“ model for Re-scanning.

Today this (not so little) 14“ 400-lines bugger arrived - let’s see how this will work out: