Who has got long form/full lenght original audio visual albums

howdy all, i’m putting together a curated selection of original long form audio visual artwork for a new streaming project thing i’m cooking up with some friends. I’m just poking out here to see how many folks would be interested in having stuff screened in this show


  • artworks will be selected from a pool to be screened on a private livestreaming server about once a month or so
  • there will be no archiving or video hosting happening, live only (its totally fine if you’ve got the artwork hosted elsewhere on your own, we just aren’t going to store anything)


  • 10 minutes or longer (30-60 minutes would be best. can be a full albums worth of shorter peices so long as its all edited together in 1 file)
  • music and video must be original compositions intended to be complementary. I.E no music videos where someone made a song independently and then got someone to do video for it after the fact.

i personally know of a small handful of albums like this out there but wanted to just see how much is going on that i’m unaware of! post if you’ve got something that fits the bill, add a link or preview if you’ve got something you’d like to share!


sounds fun! i don’t have anything already that’s this length (just because it seems like short and snappy does better on the various platforms) but with this in mind i’d be motivated to aim for this kind of length with future creations.


if you’ve got a bunch of shorter pieces that you think would work well together as a compilation, that would work as well! just so long as stuff is all edited into 1 file


I have a single long-form a/v piece (~10 minutes), but it’s not part of an album per se. Does that qualify for your interests?

Also I’m interested in learning more about the livestreams and/or the albums you like!


I’ve got my audio-visual krautrock/synth project TELE83: https://tele83.net/

The four videos linked on the page were always intended as a kind of audio-visual EP, and I’m thinking about releasing them on VHS some day.

If that’s something that would fit your streaming project, I’d be happy to edit the four videos together into one piece (~26 minutes).


I would love to be a part of this <3 altogether, I have four that I’m comfortable sending. I’m attaching some links they’re all very different styles with different concepts, but are all original content both audio and visual ;:wink: cheers friend

I made this for a friend it’s my most recent he’s a hip-hop artist and recorded an album on leap day back in 2012 I remixed the whole documentary for this leap day and Nine songs of his to replace the music that he recorded

The eight hour reflection: a noemotion Goldmask odyssey

A lofi / atmospheric phonk mixtape with AI generated Visuals, focusing on the inside of a car and people in it, of course highly edited and ran through my analog rig along with my digital rig

Discarded dreams: Chilling in my thoughts

Another Lofi, tape that travels to the fringes of slush wave made in new terms I like to call sludge wave
The other side of discarded dreams

This one is heavy, some electronica dubstep, and a little house
12matt3r - voidtv


I made a 22 minute sort of glitchy sound collage that i paired with some glitchy collaged video- not very musical though and i essentially stole a lot of videos from Youtube to make it. it’s original in its transformations of the content but idk where the line is for originality.



download link- pan pacific meditation center - 6 videos.mov - Google Drive