Why my image extracted by capture card is in black and white

Hello! Now I use Edirol V-4 and I finally success to synthesize the video. this is because of all member of this community I feel very thankful or of you.

Now, I’m in the endgame which is a part of the “capture” I bought Easy CAPture for captured the video and I connected to OBS or QuickTime Player and connected to the video to my MacBook I saw the video, success to save video from video synthesizer in my computer. But that’s success was only half back. Because I don’t know why, but they capture card only support black and white. The video that I uploaded have many types of the color, but it captured only black-and-white. i it made me very sad and very frustrated and even little bit upset. Cause I thought that I’ve been reached at the success.

That’s a listen why I need your help eagerly. Now, I’ return my capture card. Now, I ordered RCA to HDMI converter and HDMI capture card. Surely I want to buy from Amazon or another side from state but I have a little bit fear when if I fail, there’s no way to return that thing I ordered. so I really hope that my second Way gonna be success

Or do you have any solution for this issue? I didn’t touch any side of the anti-acid or PAL there’s no problem. And there’s no problem in my OBS. Infect right now no it’s very very difficult to explain every single situation perfectly… But one thing clear is, I want to capture this video in color.

Thank you
Warm regards

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