Will it bend? Switcher Overlay

So I’m curious if there is a way to Circuit Bend one of these and make it where both input channels display on the one output Channel where they overlay each other? Also that’s not a bad deal for a switcher that goes both ways

Personally don’t have much experience bending stuff, but I’d say probably not. It sounds like you might be thinking of a dirty mixer, which is most commonly used with analog signals and is relatively approachable for DIY bending projects due to the simplicity of the components and the nature of analog video. HDMI video is a digital signal with discrete values, which is a much different thing to manipulate outside of the ways it’s been designed to operate. Digital stuff can be glitched, but the process involved in making a bend and the end result would probably be entirely different (and more complicated) than common analog biz and the type of overlay effect you’re imagining.

As for that device in particular, I wouldn’t count on being able to do much diy stuff with it because switchers don’t really have very much going on inside to tinker around with. You’ll want to look for a mixer.


Great answer sir