Will r_e_c_u_r work on a raspberry pi 3a?

Questions the title. It seems very hard to come by any 3B+s these days but 3As are definitely popping up. Would be cool if this would work but maybe having less ram means it wouldn’t run properly?

hey @cata - sorry iv been mostly offline this last month - but the short answer is i dont know - havnt tried it myself or heard from anyone who has yet. but i hav a feeling it should work - whether it will be exactly plug and play or will require some playing with config changes first is hard to say, but could be worth a shot trying i rekon

as a similar example i once tried running the standard recur image directly on a pi0. after reallocating some ram in config it did boot up as normal. actual playback was a bit laggy coz a pi0 has a single core etc. but im sure a 3a will handle most things fine - as always if you are outpuing sd video // not doing everyhing at once performance is better

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thanks i might give that a shot and report back here if i do!

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