[WIP] Blur/Sharpen

A new project I’m working on: a blur and sharpen module.

blur input jack
blur amount potmeter
switch for white/black fade
switch for range (H/V)
CV input for dry/wet
Blur output jack

sharpen input jack (normalised to blur input)
sharpen amount potmeter (mix)
switch for range
Sharpen output jack

Blur + sharpen mix output jack
optional: dry output jack, potmeter for dry/wet, potmeter for gain

Blur with dry/wet crossfader is working on breadboard, needs some finetuning
Sharpen concept is working, next is breadboard testing.


ok ordered a new set of pcbs. last proto had some minor issues, but was working pretty good !
here are some clips with blur action on static shapes


Feature wise it has a blur amount & extra gain compensation potmeter,
CV over dry / wet (crossfader from dry signal to blurred result)
filter range switch
input & output jack.
A nice and simple DIY project :slight_smile:


the new pcb works as intended, and gives very nice results!
I’ll check some values and test some more. if all is ok, I’ll start a order thread! :green_heart:

current features:

  • blur amount pot
  • gain adjust pot (to match the dry signal to the blurred tint)
  • blur range > 3way switch (blur/blurry/extreme smear)
  • input jack
  • CV over dry / wet signal
  • output jack

trimpot for cv range (0-1v to 0-5v) with testpads
trimpot for gain adjust
jumper for blur to white or blur to black* more on this later


The Blur module is released, see here:

if you are interested , reply on the LZX forum (or here if you don’t have an account there.

Can this be used with out Eurorack?

The module is designed for LZX format signals and it needs +12v & -12v power
It might work with some modifications, but I have to test it?

I’m asking only because I haven’t gotten into the modular world (yet) but this looks like a col little thing to add to my arsenal

Standalone BLUR test:

The BLUR module can be used as standalone video effect

some remarks:

  1. At extreme blur settings you lose sync (this can be adjusted with a smaller capacitor value at c8)

  2. The gain setting is too high, this should be adjusted with other resistor values at r18 & r28

  3. The CV input will also be unsynced, so it will scroll.
    If you use the same source and add some variations to it, you can get nice results.
    image changing effects such as keying & highpass filters / edge enhancers work really good:
    the results are partially blurred effects and shifted patterns.
    I’ll post some screengrabs later!