[WIP] EDGE - Feedbacked Edge HP filter bank

The first (purple) prototype is made. some bugs need to be corrected,
so another proto will be designed.
The current design has these features:

  • 3x highpass filter jack inputs
  • 2x jack filter outputs (1x inverted, 1x non-inverted)
  • normalised feedback routings
  • feedback path with VCA (level pot & CV jack)
  • voltage shifter with 2 potmeters& CV control (inversion & shifting)
  • external feedback is possible

Watch out for video demos! Vidicon21!

This project is my take on the Sandin Differentiator.


Sounds great, looking forward to the demo this weekend! :smiley:

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OK next Proto pcbs are ordered.
The previous ones did work, but lacked a voltage shifting stage

the new proto has that stage, with CV
so it has 2 CV inputs, one for feedback level, one for voltage shifting (which results in different types of feedback patterns)

I did a promo video on Vidicon , I’ll post the clip next week.


purple proto pcbs have arrived, so on to testing !