[WIP] Sharp - a Sharpen effect for video input


The idea is to extend on the sharpen function, which is essentially a highpass filter mixed with the dry (original) signal to emphasize the edges of the original source.
My idea is to go wild with the edge (highpass filter) width and gain & polarity.
So the edge will be on both sides (instead of the left side) , adjustable in gain and mix
The original signal can be adjusted in gain as well, for additions effect.

The Sharp module will be something like this: (changes will be made, but this is current at 19-02-22)

pot controls:
Edge mix pos
Edge mix neg
Edge gain
Original signal mix

switch: / or pot
edge width

cv? for HighPass cutoff filter


The proto works and looks great.
I’m trying to go to the max so you can too.
So I’m still working out the features.

Neg DRY + edge looks cool too (in an experimental way), so maybe I’ll add that as extra.
CV on gain is possible but I don’t think it has great effect (but I have to test this with video rate input). so maybe if the edge width can be controlled in the extreme, it might be a cool feature.

I’m not sure yet if this is going to be 4 or 8HP
We’ll see :slight_smile:

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…the more parameters are controllable by CV the better…

…do you plan LZX-CVs or Eurorack-CVs…just so i can plan how many converters i might need…

I think LZX CV to keep it compatible for video rate modulations

but this is a feature I have to test, not sure yet if it is going to work as intended

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