Wolframs new potential theory of everything

anyone been digging into this? i have personally found wolframs work to be highly influential on my own work in video systems wrt to how a lot of my cellular automata experiments led to really interesting video feedback systems. I’m really intererested in the basic concepts here tho that abstract the concept of CA into like node/graph structures that evolve over time and how that could work with creating video signal systems that evolve. just to use max/msp as a reasonable place to start off from bc its already a node zone, what if you had a really simple signal processing loop and then gave it a simple set of rules for adding more nodes and connections and let it go wild for a while? and then what if then you added some kind of meta-rules for evolution? by meta rules i mean something that looks at shapes that emerge over time (instead of rules that just depend on current states) and then makes “evolutionary” decisions based on structures in time as well? probably another thing i might try out in FPGA zones if that seems reasonable


I just want to say that this page contains a lot of excellent shapes.


yeah! at a base level wolfram is continuing to be killing it from an abstract design perspective

registry of notable universes is a great title

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