YPbPr to Composite converter?

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I’ve been looking for a component to composite converter for a while now. came across the one in the picture below, but unfortunately it only outputs luma on crt monitors, just like through my MX10. What makes me curious is that my ‘modern’ Dell PC monitor (with Composite input) can get the colour out of the signal. Sooo my guess it might output incorrect or improperly synchronized color subcarrier frequencies, non 4.43mhz (Pal) or not calibrated well at all… damn. tried between 1080i50 to 720p - LZX ESG3 output.
there is also the small square Ypbpr2CVBS thing out there, but since the first has an issue, dont whant to load me with electrocrap again :W someone use those cheap thing successfully?

anyways… i would like to avoid the loop via hdmi, in terms of latency and converter slaughter

I must say, there’s not much on the net for downscaling video signals ^^ with reason i guess haha, but there should be something. tiny prefferd so i can build it oin the rack :B

maybe someone is using or used a unit, happy for every hint :slight_smile:

thanks for reading :* have a time

bests, Kalti

tried and faild:

another to try?


this is definitely a @schaferob question if i ever heard one, i know i’ve heard them talking about their various ordeals finding reliable component/composite cross convertors.

something like this extron scaler might do the trick, definitely read the manual/specs to confirm but extron or matrox scalers is would be the kind of stuff id would search for, plasticy dongles rarely output video up to spec.

and it is kind of way overkill if all you needs is to convert composite to component, but the panasonic mx-70 mixer can do that and like 1000 other things, in a very loud and large package. it is a very handy mixer to have if you’ve got the space and budget.

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Hey Andrei, :vulcan_salute:

Thanks for the hints! Hm yeah the extron doesn’t really catches up with me, outputs ypbpr/RGB/HDMi as I see. And a bit to huge :wink:

mx10 to mx70 is in the studio too :wink: but looking for a small and fast scaler without many processing in the chain for gigs, combining HD/SD signals and stuff - audio reactiv pingpong

The ones i found by now are TVone Scaler from the C2-28xx series, does complete cross converting I/O, looks super handy. but used prices are around 900€ :melting_face: the older c2-23xx might my thing by now

TV one C2- 2855 plus

I work primarily in HD where the signals are Y, B-Y, and R-Y. Getting from HDMI to analog and then back to HDMI has become relatively inexpensive. Like $30 each. I work in 1080i59.94 but those converters will easily do 1080p30. 1080p60 is a stretch.

I don’t do any scaling, but I do convert from 1080p to 1080i (and sometimes the other way) using a BlackMagicDesign Up/down/cross converter. But I mostly use those to Gen-lock multiple video sources.

Whoops. Once I remembered how to get back into scanlines (I’m an old fart who YouTubes and gmails and Facebooks) I pasted what I’d originally tried and failed to gmail back, duh. At least my browser remembered my password) I reread the question and saw the completely reasonable complaint about HDMI. Way back in the world of analog cameras and CRT monitors, lovely feedback would happily spring out when simply pointing a camera at the screen.(I was recently musing about how the moiré of the rotated camera would be such a generative factor for the feedback.) Once we get to digital monitors and digital cameras feedback becomes a (relative) drudge. Add HDMI or any scaling makes matters even worse.

Here are some weak attempts. (ALL my analog video goes to HDMI to get recorded).