Zoom Meeting No. 2000021

Hello, Scanlines! Please join us on Wednesday, May 12th at 8pm EST for Zoom Meeting No. 2000021: performances by my Real-Time A/V class at NYU Integrated Digital Media (IDM), streaming LIVE on www.twitch.tv/idmnyu!

This class was held online (with students participating from the East Coast, West Coast, and China), so we mainly focused on software: Signal Culture Apps, Resolume Avenue, and Max/MSP/Jitter. However, students created their own systems for real-time A/V performance, experimenting with hardware techniques as well as a variety of other software including (but not limited to): After Effects, Cinema 4D, Lumen, Modul8, OBS, P5.js, REAPER, Unity, and VirtualDJ. We had some phenomenal visiting artist presentations from Jason Bernagozzi (Co-Founder of Signal Culture), ARIADNE, Jon Satrom, and R. Luke DuBois. This was my first time teaching this class at #idmnyu and working with the students was an absolute JOY! Hope to see you on Wednesday night!