A few issues with videos.scanlines.xyz

just a heads up that our community run video hosting on videos.scanlines.xyz is having a few issues at the moment.

trouble logging in

i updated our server to peertube v5.1.0 and it seems this has broken the auth peertube with discourse plugin_ we use to sign in there for some users… in particular users who have upper case letters in their username may have trouble logging into peertube

a fix is on its way but in the meantime if you are having trouble signing into peertube and dont want to wait just let me know and i can change your username to all lower cases for you to login

some videos are not showing / playing their full length

not sure if this is related to the peertube upgrade, or the recent server migration or something else yet but as @palomakop noticed the playable lengths of some videos are wrong

for example this video is 1:19:45 long but when you open it only the first 29:42 is playable

will take a look into this bug when i get the chance and update you here - i am quite busy at the moment tho so it may be like this for a few weeks…


:white_check_mark: logging in to videos.scanlines.xyz for users with uppercases in their names has been resolved

:x: : still havnt looked into the issue with incorrect lengths of some videos on here yet - but will keep ya posted on this thread when i do !


minor update: i just uploaded this video to the peertube in the hopes that the duration bug was only affecting older uploads (thinking that perhaps something happened to them in the migration), but it seems to be affecting this one too – the video is supposed to be 30min 24sec but only 11:32 is playable. i also noticed that this didn’t occur until transcoding had completed. very odd issue

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i have looked in to this issue a bit - the good news is its only happened to 5 videos (i guess 6 now…)

3 of em are yours @palomakop , one is @PAUL_TEMPLE and last is mine…

it def is a problem with transcoding.

as a test i uploaded the same video a few times, and each time it was “trimmed” to different length (sometimes the whole video makes it)… it seems like an error happens randomly during transcoding…

also seems to only happen to videos with large file size - either very long (my one was a feature film length) or very high def… (robins video was 10m but at 1080p i think 2gbs )

i didnt find any logs that correspond to this yet but didnt look too hard - think i will take another look then ask on the peertube forum…

btw im 99% sure that your videos were already like this before migration - i checked the video files in storage and they were already trimmed to this length from a create date last modified much before we did this - do you remember ever seeing those videos play on here at correct length @palomakop ?

hmm, i thought i remembered seeing them play correctly but it was a while ago so not sure, if there’s a create date i’d trust it. yeah the times seem to be random, i looked in the logs too and saw nothing that seemed super relevant… it could even be an ffmpeg issue i guess… asking on their forum sounds like a good idea to me!

and yea, i don’t think most other folks are uploading huge files, so glad it’s not affecting a ton of people. i just wish the software would work as it should :upside_down_face:

i have been using invidious links so that i can offer at least 1 link option besides youtube from my website, for the videos that peertube messed up. seems like a decent workaround for now.

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I’m having issues logging into videos.scanlines.xyz. It seems to suggest that I can log in with my scanlines.xyz account, but I’m getting “Incorrect username or password.” Any idea what I can do?

can you post a screenshot of how it looks ?

you shouldnt need to put your account info into the peertube service - you should get redirected to this site - scanlines.xyz to login there when you press the JOIN button:

if you made it to the login page then just press the SIGN IN WITH DISCOURSE button below username/password fields:

Thanks for the quick reply! The “sign in with discourse” option worked for me. It wasn’t totally clear to me that I needed to do that, FYI. Perhaps adjusting the warning message on that page to suggest the discourse login might be helpful for future users?

ya i thought that u couldnt even browse to that login page. since in the ui i changed the login button to just redirect to scanlines auth. how did u get there ? i can jst hide the username login section all togehter

I wish I’d screencapped, because I can’t reproduce now. I recall it looking very much like your screencap here:

I had created an account with scanlines.xyz and navigated to videos.scanlines.xyz and tried to publish a video.

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