Anyone know of any “cheap” TBCs

I have a Kramer-720 and it says it has a tbc in it but my projector just blue screens still. I want to get a decent tbc for doing live visuals but I can’t spend a ton right now. I’ve just been doing live shows by rescanning a crt and sending that to the projector. But i’m getting tired of having to make a janky diy setup next to the band with a big ass tv :joy:

…technically not actually a TBC but really great at stabilizing glitched video: Panasonic DMR-ES10 and its siblings (15,65 etc.)…

…i have - unfortunately - a stack of those downstairs (because i initially bought all i could find) and they were about 40 euros each…

…the higher numbers even convert to HDMI…


It might be important to note that no TBC will correct completely missing or really messed up sync. The “C” in TBC stands for “corrector” so it needs something it can reasonably correct. So in some cases of glitchy video, rescanning a CRT is the only option.

Just something to bear in mind if you’re doing particularly glitchy work (or messing with the signal in some way that you don’t consider particularly glitchy but it’s absolutely destroying your sync).

Perhaps you can check out

I’ve been using a for.a FA370 for digitizing damaged VHS tapes for years and I’ve never had it drop a frame, even with tapes that are so damaged that the sync completely drops out. Worst case scenario is a few frames of noise. I’m sure there’s SOMETHING it won’t handle gracefully but so far I haven’t found it.

It was $45 on eBay (and pretty common) when I got mine a few years ago but I don’t think they’re that cheap anymore.

If you can find a good price for one that’s what I’d go for, though. I’ve tried a few others and it’s easily the best I’ve had my hands on.


Currently the only ForA one I could afford on ebay is a 220, you think that’s worth getting. Or there’s an A/V toolbox that I think is exactly what I want but it’s about $700

You don’t think they would drop frames through a projector? I’d be super down to buy one off you!

…they are pretty stable in my setup - however, on very-very hard glitches they seem to somehow ‚freeze‘ the image (for a fratction of a second) until a ‚good‘ image gets through again…

…i am located in Germany - dont know where you are and if buying one off me might work for you…

I have no idea, the one I have is the only thing I’ve ever owned from that brand.

Underscores has a sync restoring circuit for sale that can strip the sync and insert it back in. It might help in your setup.