Artificial life and auto_waaaves


some new things i’ve beeen working on for the waaave_pool platform are getting ready for release on github and for purchasings. artificial_life is a generative video oscillator, its actually like a bunch of video oscillators linked in a bunch of signal based feedback loops:

auto_waaaves is a hardware/firmware upgrade for the waaave_pool that includes an audio ADC and uses FFTs to convert audio signals into control signals for wp parameters. the firmware version will also have a beta version of parameter locking which will allow yalls to draw your own lfos basically so this is kind of a giant nest of modulationing! its based off the hifiberry adc/dac hat which can be used for phosphorms output as well as future audio reactive upgrades for sm/al/ca/sha64 and plus for a couple more audio processing and a/v synth things i’ll be working on !


auto_waaaves seems very promising. looking forward to seeing how it progresses :slight_smile: