Post some video link/embeds of your stuff here!

Hi! for an a/v discussion forum we have a surprisingly low amount of video content here! lets start a thread where we share some video stuffs! if you post a link with spaces above and below the link to where your video is currently hosted it should automatically generate an embed

here is something i made with artificial life and chromatic aberration, two of the video synth/processors i develop as a part of my video synthesis ecosphere rpi.
artificial life is a generative video oscillator unit and chromatic aberration is a 4 band colorizer/solarizer processor with individual band hue and brightness oscillators


I’m new to video synthesis, but hope to start posting more to my youtube page :slight_smile:


Thanks for creating this thread! I recently joined and have decided to create a mini-gallery site there instead of using Instagram.

Here’s nine stills from my video synthesis work to begin with.


a new one

Before lockdown my buddy and I would jam with synths, mixers, and VHS tapes. Here are some unedited footage from it. Would love to be involved in some streaming stuff on here.


Here’s some stuff! I’ve really gotta get better at recording my work.


could only post 2 links, here’s one more -

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Oh there’s some cool stuff already!

Last year I threw together an hour mixtape of music and improv/edited videos, and made a bunch of VHS copies to give away free

right before the pandemic I played an ambient show for a west coast friend and it was magical how well the colors and each of our samples matched up

and here’s a recent-ish thing from the Phase Space stream on 4/21, music starts around 16 min in



an unedited recording of the 06.27.2020 stream


Music video I made some years back for Tom Furse (The horrors)

Feedback/generative experiments using the now obsolete Time Blend FX in After Effects (LOUD SOUND)

Ancient videogame databending experiments (LOUD SOUND)

that time I invented 360° video before it was a thing, by sticking a xmas tree bauble to a pen


oh no im opening up AE and messing with Time Blend NOW

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@timdrage Your stuff is awesome. Noisy, but awesome :slight_smile:

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DO! but you will have to go a few versions back, I can’t remember which version off the top of my head but maybe even pre-CC ? as they removed it a while back. The description of it in the manual makes little sense and I’ve never really seen anyone online actually understand what it was originally even supposed to be for, or how to use it, but long story short it can recursively apply any combination of other AE plugins (except the ones which arbitrarily don’t work with it) on each frame.

You also have to always render previews from frame 1, and clear the cache first, or it glitches out non-interestingly.

My secret for these kind of fractal zooms was to put (I think) the obsolete ‘basic 3d’ effect in the fx chain with a small above-100% scale value and a wiggle on the position. Only used that because the Transform effect just didn’t do anything, for no apparent reason.

Here’s a very long one I made for an art installation, never properly released online since youtube compression kind of ruins it


@bobbypharaoh maybe you want to upload your streamlines performance onto ? (or i can if u prefer)

theres an option to import from url (eg youtube) as well

of course if anyone else here is interested in alternative video platform should try it too !

also, any plans for streamlines_02 yet ? (@palomakop , maybe should start a new thread for this)

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i was thinking similarly and was going to try and make an account on the videos platform for archive of streamlines performance (tho i have not yet because i’ve been moving!)

also excited to try it out more generally once i have some time.

as for streamlines_002, no plans have yet been made!

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sounds good !

re accounts, it is using the single sign-in from discourse , so can only create accounts from scanlines. although there is a root account which could be used as ‘system’

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oh, i didn’t realize that! good to know. perhaps we can just make a “playlist” or something then

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uploading to the videos page right now

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Thanks :slight_smile: Hoping to do more of this sort of thing soon. Found a TV in the street the other day which will help, going to set up the old video hardware again some time

Playing with some Moiré patterns in Quil (Processing for Clojure).

These were all generated by the same script, just tweaking a few variables and letting random run the course.

The last image demonstrations what the script actually does the best. It renders 3x circles by drawing lines every N degrees, then alters the radius, centroid, etc. in various ways creating all the variations above.