Beginner - What other visual creation tools to look at?

Hi I’m a relative beginner with A/V, a musician first, but starting to get into visuals for the complete package.

I’ve been making good progress with Hydra, enjoying that hugely, and starting to look at other tools. What might be your suggestion of where to go next?

So far I’ve pieced together a little toolkit of hydra for creation, OBS for recording, OpenShot for packaging.

Thanks :smile:


hello! i think that what tools to explore might somewhat depend on what kind of visuals you are interested to create – if you are interested in more software tools, you might want to check out this wiki post: Software tools list
we do also have some posts in the wiki section about hardware based tools as well!


Welcome to the fold!

there is a ton of information and links I posted over here that are a good way to get your feet wet.

post some images/video of what you’ve done and it will be easier to give you some advice about where to go!

getting hydra running into any of the RPI synths listed above would be a good cheap next step in my mind.

also just hydra > projector and adding in an additional camera + projector feedback setup over the top of it would be crazy fun depending on your projector situation

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Thank you both! I can imagine you folks raising your eyes to heaven on reading such a question :smile: A journey of a thousand miles though…you know.

I will be hacking through this info, and that’s very helpful. I’m thinking software at this point. As well as the curated lists, I was hoping for an enthusiastic ‘you’ve to try this’ pointer as well.

If I were asked that question, in the audio sphere, I’d say maybe: vcv rack, puredata, sonic pi. Something like that.

I can post a few things I’ve done in Hydra. I expect you can guess what they’ll be like more or less.

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vsynth for max/msp comes to mind, you can use it for free without being able to save patches but it can be a fun way to workshop ideas and whatnot


Thanks, a quick look suggests that might be a way in.

Here’s a few efforts with Hydra, they are aimed at Instagram, so short and odd formats, square or portrait. I’ve been trying to get away from the ‘geometric shapes’ vibe in hydra, to something more organic. So things along that line would be nice, but I want to extend the range too


i’ve only played with vsynth briefly so far but it does seem like a great toolset !

right now i’m working on learning some bits of touch designer. i got the educational copy but you can use it for free with a limitation of up to 1080 pixels of width or height, which is pretty decent imo. i’m working on learning more about shaders, which you can use within touch.