Binary Lives doc

great documentary on youtube for free (as of Nov. 23 2021) about pioneering video artists Woody and Steina Vasulka! just wanted to highlight it as a great resource to contextualize current practices in video art :ok_man:


Thanks for this! Really interesting!

Very cool! Watched this at work and now I’m itching to see the Vasulka Effect doc someone posted about recently


it was previously mentioned in this discussion: Historic video devices

I’ve seen it and I enjoyed it (it also made me a bit sad - because it shows Woody Vasulka in his last days, but also because I felt they got somehow forgotten, and maybe their legacy hasn’t been praised enough). Unfortunately I don’t have a copy, I just managed to ripstream a couple of short excerpts where Steina Vasulka candidly talks about LSD, nakedness and promiscuity because such things are important to us Pixelflowers.


Interesting. Yea I have yet to watch it but maybe this weekend I’ll sit down and fine the time for it.

And yea it definitely seems like from multiple docs or shorts on them that I’ve seen that they were kinda neglected until very recently and even then that might just a be short-term co-optation