BNC to RCA Adaptor Recommendations

Hello folks,

As I’m sure many of you know, some of our favorite analog gear comes with BNC connections and others come with RCA connections. After purchasing some adaptors on Amazon, I now know that not all adaptors are created equal. The ones I’ve been using are very “loose” and tend to introduce problems at the slightest wiggle of a cable.

Does anyone have recommendations for high quality adaptors between BNC and RCA? Or should I be looking at different solutions?


I had the same problem, the solution I came up with was to buy a quality BNC to RCA cable rather than adapter, it reduces the number of contacts.

Another option is to buy a BNC to RCA for the other end because at the other end it’s a bit easier.

If you really need it for the other end try buying one from an electronics distributor like Mouser, Digital, Farnell etc and don’t buy bottom rung.


We confirm the issue, at least with our cheap/unbranded equipment.

Someone with more knowledge explained us that RCA was never been properly codified in a precise standard, which led to differences in manufacturing…or something like that.

Thanks for the advice, just picked up the cables.

I’m about to run my rig through a 8x8 matrix and definitely don’t want to use adaptors for every connection :slight_smile:

Same here, my cheap adapters were not great, most RCAs wouldn’t fit on them. :rofl: So I bought custom BNC to RCA cables from and some generic BNC to RCA off amazon. The quality of the custom ones is super good and can be color coded. :+1: If anyone is interested in ordering from them, please ask me for a referral code, we will each get a $10 coupon. Here is what I ordered, maybe overkill, but couldn’t resist Mogami. Mogami 2964 75ohm coax cable: BNC, RCA, or F-Type- Event Horizon &

I’ve had a good experience with these:

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We recently started using (cheap) BNC-RCA cables and the results are not perfect but a bit better than cheap cables + cheap adapters.