Different options for contious CRT video wall

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It’s been a while since I have posted here. I need your collective opinions to solve a problem that I am struggling with.

I am planning to build a CRT video wall. I want to have a single video input, spread out over different TVs. I am aware of the pi-wall project as an option for this setup.
However, with the current chips shortage going on, obtaining a raspberry pi is very hard. They are mostly sold out or way overpriced.

What are alternative solutions to get the same result?

Thank you!

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Raspberry pi is about as cheap as you can get unless you can score a cheap second hand video wall splitter or a bunch of syncable pioneer DVD players for cheaper but they would probably be the same price as a £35 Raspberry Pi.

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I recently purchased an 8x8 matrix switcher (learned about them from a studio setup post from @amfas ) for just under $80 on ebay (in U.S.). Depending on how many CRTs you are using to make the wall, I have seen them up to 32x32, but of course they get more expensive the more in/out they have.


Those matrix switchers are great. I have in use as well. Unfortunately these will only duplicate your signal. I am looking for a solution to split my signal, which isn’t possible with just a analog chain.
But thank you for your responding!

Thank you. I might look into that. Unfortunately the Raspberry pi prices went up from €35 to €95 in the Netherlands where I live. If you can buy them at all…

I see, I misunderstood the “wall” concept, sorry!

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Keep in mind the Pi 4 has dual HDMI output, it complicates the playback but could half the price of the project.


Know of any resources for what software to use for a Pi-matrix? The dual HDMI outs might not actually save money if you don’t already have extra HDMI-to-composite converters lying around. Probably best to just use the Pi’s composite out.

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I am also interested in what resources/software to use for the pi-matrix. A friend of mine has been collecting CRTs to build a wall for an art installation.

Hi cybor, you can use an rca splitter to have a single video input and multiple outputs.

that’s not what’s being asked: in a tv wall, each tv only shows a part of the picture, in a mosaic-like way, and that requires…calculations

also see this reply

we also would be interested in cheap solutions for tv walls :drooling_face: