DIY project shares and suggestions

Does anyone have suggestions for builds (other than the CHA/V cadets and castle series)?

its a good question , this actually could make a good wiki page - we have one already for software here , but based on your examples im guessing you are thinking of hardware ? maybe i will start one also for diy hardware ?

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@outoftunewolf i started something here quickly Diy video hardware projects - anyone can edit though so hope to see more on there soon :wink: , but now :zzz:


This is a much expanded version of the CHA/V


I have some eurorack DIY modules (Matrix Mixer, Triple Function Generator, Sync Busboard)
and a eurorack addition to the 3trinsRGB (voltage controlled triple comparator)
These are all open source.

I’ll update the Diy video hardware projects later!


3 trinsrgb + 1c got me pretty far. It provides a nice basis to layer things on top of it. The DIY kit is reasonable too.

I definitely second the 3trins with the caveat that the documentation is a bit vague on some things, the PCB layout is kind of eccentric, and mine came with some random extra parts. Not really a beginner project but also not super hard if you’ve built some other stuff. When I started mine I’d built a tube amp, a x0xb0x, an Anushri, and quite a few pedals and I still hit some spots where I had trouble figuring out what went where, but coming back to it a while later with more experience it was pretty straightforward.

The documentation is better now, too, but there are still some quirks.

@TubularCorporation definitely understand. I just built the new Oscillatoscope2e kit (the eurorack version) and it had some spots where i wasn’t confident i was making the right decision but it worked out great in the end. Still a fun, super simple build though.

3 trinsrgb is on my list.