Edirol V4 service manual

I’ve got two V4’s, limited understanding of electronics and got this from the guys at Roland. Hopefully it will be of use to some of you.

EDIT by staff: original link is expired, download from here:


ooooh manuals and service manuals wiki would be pretty nice to have around here…
thanks for putting this up!

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Yess !

Also check out @BastienL collection of manuals if looking for something https://github.com/Syntonie/videomanuals


I knew for sure I had see this at some point but I thought it was on google drive so I couldn’t find it and gave up
this will certainly help! thanks for the link

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I’m sure there’s some google drives floating around also - and yess v nice work with the wiki - been meaning to start one going through the pppular video mixers Panasonic , videonic editor etc.

I think it is not a bad idea in general to download files from source and upload them here too

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I’ve gone through my own random collection of manuals and guides. Here is a direct Dropbox link.

Sanyo projectors etc.

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Hi Scribble. Are you happy for me to add these to Bastien’s (Syntonie) repo as well?

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Absolutely. I’m looking to leech from the collection myself for posterity too!

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I’ll add it to the wiki here for manuals to slowly get added too thanks!

thanks for the link

The more backups the better! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing @wednesdayayay @Scribble @VisibleSignals - and by the way backupping important files out of GDrive seems to become more and more important - see my post here Video Equipment Manuals or directly this tweet by seomeone who knows a lot about web archives:


This file has been deleted. Is there still a copy of this service manual floating around?

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I just scooped up a bunch of the Roland stuff, combined it with some PDFs that are already on my blog, and reposted it HERE just in case!

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The silkscreen layer is backwards on pg 30 :man_facepalming: