Every Wednesday 8PM CEST: Pixelflowers x Daddies On Acid

Every Wednesday from 8.00PM to 12PM CEST we make live visuals as Pixelflowers. We livestream over house-acid-dark-psychedelic-electronic music, in a collaboration with “Daddies On Acid”, a Berlin-based queer party and a Sound Machine which produces music for darkrooms. We’ve been doing this every Wednesday since March.

URL (active after 7.55PM CEST): https://live.autistici.org/#daddiesonacid
(the streaming is powered by an independent/grassroot/noprofit/militant server. No log-in, no logs, no chat, no likes, no ads)

Some sort of description:
independent queer porn meets analog glitches
(yeah it gets definitely NSFW :peach::eggplant::fire:)

How we do this:
my partner loops/processes selected video footage on Resolume and/or captures my own signal. I process it further with a BPMC Premium Cable, a Vidiot and a Syntonie AVE MOD V2. I add video feedback & audio interferences on top of it and mix everything with a WJ-AVE5 and a Roland Edirol V8. Cameras, TV screens and feedback loops are also involved. Output gets to OBS (running on a 4GB RAM Linux computer) through a 15-bucks USB capture card. Since our internet sucks To keep it real, we stream at 700 kbps.

We upload the recordings to the Internet Archive.