Feedback Edirol v4

Hello everyone,

I got the v4 a few weeks back and expirmented alot.
But i was wondering if the video feedback could change direction.
When i put one of my outputs in an input te feedback goes to the top left.
I think i saw a video once on how to change it but I cant find it anymore.
Anyone knows a video or a site where I can look up the details?
just let me know :slight_smile:

Hi @manx and welcome to Scanlines!

Check out this thread:

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Hello @manx and welcome :slight_smile:

Under the Utility menu, there are two settings:

  • Video Horizontal Locate
  • Video Vertical Locate

Messing with these will move where the feedback goes.

In that same Utility menu, I’d also suggest playing with the

  • VideoX Bright Adjust
  • VideoX Color Adjust
  • VideoX Hue Adjust

where X is the Channel (A/B) that you use for feedback.


Slightly related…this was made with an Edirol v8, same kind of hardware feedback, but the output goes through our Video Bottom 2000 and its magic faders before going back to the input:


Picture in picture is great fun with an feedback loop.