📼 Fugitive Dream Recovery VHS Tape Stream - Saturday October 24th

:vhs:this saturday we will be livestreaming a VHS tape by Fugitive Dream Recovery (a/v duo of me and @bobbypharaoh) ! the tape is called Experiments 2016-2018, and was released in 2019 on @BleuNuitVideo’s label in Montreal.

:tv:the tape is pretty much sold out at this point and is not viewable online anywhere, so we decided to allow an ephemeral opportunity for remote viewing…

:spiral_calendar: when: 4:20pm EDT, saturday october 24
:mantelpiece_clock: local time widget: 2020-10-24T20:20:00Z2020-10-24T21:20:00Z
:world_map: where: here on scanlines.xyz

:sparkles:here’s a trailer for the tape, and below, a flyer:


:sparkles: :vhs: :sparkles: super excited for this ! i really like the idea of using the platform to host screenings as well as live performances


looking forward to this

really enjoy the idea of pre recorded screenings
We are going to start putting something together for this kind of stream as well

the trailer and poster are looking very nice

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great ! looking forward to hearing more about your idea. maybe need to start a new series … “screenlines” :wink:

yess ! haha - was also thinking we could do a scanlines_community_shorts screening one day -> anyone can submit piece, <10min or something


that sounds like fun !!

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yeah we are doing a similar thing over at the phase space back yard this weekend, outdoor screening and discussions n whatnot

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is it warm enough to outdoor screen still for you folk ?? sounds fun - wish phase space was closerr to me !

it is if we also make a fire! should be fun to do it irl this weekend and also would like to do community shorts virtually on here soon as well !

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Decent chance I’ll be able to make this one.

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coming up soon today!

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bump, 20 minute warning!

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