General chat forum?

Just had a thought, was going to post about recent music I’m listening to etc and realised there wasn’t a “general nonsense” / “community” forum to put it into (hence it being here). I know Farcebook etc is the general place for all that rubbish, however I’d love to spend less time there and more here!

Thats the general view there? #curious


(It’s after posting this that I realise the “General A/v” heading may not be absolutely the best forum for this…)

I would like this too! (as I don’t use facebrook / instacrap / twatter )

maybe here is good. just talk about stuff.

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I agree, it’d be nice to have a place to talk about other projects that might not be related or BS over a beer etc.

i just created a off topic category. open to suggestions for different name :beers: :beers:


i’m in support of the “off topic,” however music would def fall under general a/v !