'community' (and other) tags, what do you think?

I’m editing a few posts by adding a new ‘community’ tag to them. Please let me know if there are any issues with this idea, with the tag itself, the criteria of my selection, and/or if you know of other posts that should be included.


I think ‘community’ is a much better tag than ‘offtopic’ that those sorts of posts sometimes get tagged with. I think this sort of wider discussion is well on-topic - art (and therefore video art) is really only meaningful in the context of humanity and community. Good thinking!


i think this is good. sort of meta but definitely focused on building community and meeting up and interacting

@pixelflowers do you think we should create a new topic for community ? and move these posts to it ?

for me off-topic should be used for random things unrelated to audio/visual/diy/art -> like this for example.

discussions about the community, media-art history or even posting pictures of ur workspace are def on-topic to me

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@cyberboy666 (I’m assuming you meant a new category) I wouldn’t do that - yet.
I’d wait for more discussions to take place, and for a clearer trend to emerge.
I’d use tags in the meantime if possible.

(I’m for keeping things simple, but it’s a struggle for me, I tend to overthink when it comes to method/organization…)

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aye, be wary of trying to make the data fit the model instead of the other way around!

frustrates me when I see premature systemisation / categorisation - because this will only emerge once there is stuff :slight_smile:

If nothing else, having a “Misc” category could be helpful to catch things not covered by current topics, if y’all are not yet convinced “Community” needs to exist.

Having the most obvious place to post such discussion be a category called “Off Topic” does not seem particularly welcoming to such “data” ever emerging.

not against the tag if that’s what you’re getting at - just against the compulsion to systemise for others / on the behalf of others

edit: or taxonomisation in general - the point being that these things emerge naturally over time and from action, and cannot be designed overnight

Not to make too big deal about this (or maybe to do exactly that?), I guess my point was just that, by not creating spaces for certain types of discussion, one is less likely to get them.

And it is not like this site has no predetermined categories (whatever the highest level organizational structural elements are called; myself I haven’t found tags a particularly useful method of navigating content here yet). So it would seem like somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy that most people are going to stick to talking mostly about tech projects/problems only and not larger conceptual issues (the lack of engagement with which I know I’ve seen some people bemoan) if such discussions are most logically put in a category called “Off Topic” (which, while a perfectly fair name for certain subjects of discussion, is somewhat dismissive).

Again, I think something as simple as an adtl. catch-all “Misc.” or “Etc.” category could be an intermediary solution, a more neutrally labeled place where things could emerge. (Or maybe just renaming “General A/V” to be even more, well, general since the “A/V” makes it sound like one is supposed to be talking tech there?)

But, yeah, probably bringing some of my own baggage into this discussion as I generally bristle at suggestions that things will/do “just arise naturally.” As if we all don’t live within myriad systems that constrict our choices and actions. But that is maybe a larger discussion, maybe indeed off-topic.

maybe we could get rid of categories all-together and / or let people define them, that’s my preference for sure. personal preference is also more discussions about video art than met issues (where the discourse can be quite US-centric) but that’s another chat. cheers

i’ve changed the “off topic” category to be called “etc”, agree that comes off as more welcoming.

i’m happy to have the main categories evolve as we need them to, am hesitant to remove them altogether as i feel they provide helpful prompts and ease of navigation for newcomers.

and i’d encourage people to keep using the tagging and search features as well!