Giant video feedback - 'Screen Savour', Montréal

hi folks -

I have a new public realm installation open in Montreal - Écran de Veille / Screen Savour - until 21st September 2022. It’s at Métro St Laurent in the Quartier des Spectacles.

It’s basically a massive optical feedback loop on the side of a building. There are 5 generative feedback scenes, alternating with 5 x 1-minute ‘desktop documenteries’ that give a bit of context to the ideas.

It’s projection mapped and there’s also some digital video processing going on, but the core of it is an SDI-cctv camera pointed at the projection. I’m using Isadora to handle most of the calibration - which has been tricky in an outdoor space with ambient light. When it rains it of course affects the image!

It’s an extension of my experiments for my MRes - ‘Video in the Abyss’ - exploring optical feedback systems and projection mapping installations. The calibration has been really tricky, due to the restrictions of the site and the scale - what works in the lab evaporates on contact with reality! But for the most part the scenes are working well.

Does anyone know of any other examples of large-scale optical video feedback installations / performances? I’m sure there must have been loads. I’m curious how people worked at different scales / sites.

full spec: sdi cctv camera > sdi cable > sdi-hdmi convertor > blackmagic intesity shuttle > mac mini 2012 (16gb, ssd, isadora 3.0.7) > projector (hmdi)