Thesis - Video in the Abyss

I thought i’d finally share my MA thesis Video in the Abyss - In the context of the digital, is analogue video feedback still useful as an approach to making art?

It’s approaching VF from my perspective as an artist who generally makes interactive installations, whilst trying to understand the different contexts and approaches to working with VF.

Why has it taken me two years to post it? who knows - and of course I’ve seen and learnt much more since, but regardless I think there’s some good stuff in there that people will enjoy, including:

  • brief history of video feedback (strating with Doctor Who)
  • brief overview of artists today using feedback (inc. @palomakop and @BleuNuitVideo )
  • great refernces to other texts (Crutchfield, Doser, Hofstadter, Goss, ++)
  • pics and schematics of my experiments combining Isadora and optical feedback

thesis -

more documentation of projects here:

let me know what you think!