Housing for recurboy?

Ah I didn’t know the jacks may have moved on next revisions, I got r0.2 which is pretty early I think, and the panel does fit correctly to it. Will check the pcb files of the last revision and make the modification.

How in the hell did you use this panel with the Eurorack power connector? You have to solder the Eurorack power connector on the topside of the board (counterintuitive coming from a Eurorack background as they’re usually on the back) but then the front panel becomes useless as you can’t sandwich the cable between the PCB and the panel.

I’d love to take a crack at redesigning the recurBoy PCB to be more Eurorack friendly…

@bsom why do you have to solder the power adapter on the topside ?

(i dont have a racked recurboy so i never have tried it myself, but could you not just connect it to the back ?)

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Well, oddly enough I put it on the backside to test on a board and it didn’t work! :slight_smile: It shorted out my test Eurorack power supply. It has short circuit protection and immediately tripped when I put the connector on the back.

But looking at it now, I may have installed it backwards when I moved it to the back. DOH!

YUP! I absolutely put it on backwards! I’m a professional!

ah yeah damn ! scary about the short! well i would blame the poor documentation personally haha. it should be on the silk-screen!