Looking for a composite video hue/tint/colorizer effect

Hi, I’m looking for a simple device I can insert into my composite video chain that will let me manipulate colors. I’m thinking about something similar to LZX Color Chords or a matrix mixer, but for composite video. Or really anything that lets me manipulate the hue or tint of my composite signal. Even better if it can fit into eurorack.

Any suggestions?

The simplest device for this (that I know of) is a Proc Amp (the Vidicraft Vidimate-200 is an example, but there are others). Most of them have some kind of color and tint adjustment. But these are not modern, so you have to find an old one, and they are more of the stereo equipment form factor and would not fit into eurorack.

Videonics Video Equalizer VE-1 is a classic piece of kit for this from the 90s. The form factor is similar in size to a standard sized video mixer of the era. Just make sure you look for one with a power supply if you start searching.

I think @vesface did a cool DIY color tinter…

Ohh looks like it’s VGA… you could add a VGA to Composite adapter tho!

SONY made two decent colour correctors for composite. Sony XV-C900 - Multi Color Corrector | VCRShop
there’s a smaller version too which I have.
It’s a good form factor to fit under a 90s video mixer

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