"Magic Bokeh" Lens

Not sure if there’s a better place to put this, but this is a hell of a cool lens trick. It’d be awesome to see this combined with video shenanigans


really neat! i love those “special effects” lenses. i have a couple Cokin lenses such as:

multi parallel prism

(not my image: source)

multi image filter


Never tried lens modding since it has always seemed a bit fiddly, with a high chance of irreparable damage (maybe if I scored some particularly cheap/free lenses?), but I do have a few Russian lenses that have pretty nice bokeh in their stock form. The Helios 44-2 has especially dramatic swirly bokeh at larger apertures. Though certainly nothing as extreme as the example posted above.

Also a fan of special effects filters. My favorite is Hoya’s “linear motion” filter, which does sort of an edge blur effect:

The above portrait was cropped so only one side of the blurring is visible

If I recall correctly, this feedback image is the linear motion filter on a camera rotated 90 degrees, so there is both horizontal and vertical blurring


This is something I’ve been wondering about. I’m primarily a photographer, and have a big collection of old lenses… including some weirdo ultra fast ones. (shameless plug below)…

I’ll report back once I’ve done some experiments with the footage from the ultra bokeh lenses!