Ming Mecca - Looking for schematics/PCB/Gerber

Hi Folks!
Does anyone have a repo for the pcb/schematics/gerber for this project?
I would be very interested in doing a run for myself and anyone who wanted a spare board.It is a fantastic eurorack module for videogame graphics.

There was some talk from the creator of open-sourcing / releasing some diy stuff related to this at some point. But the website has long been down and I’m not sure if that ever happened.

I would be happy to be proven wrong but (short of writing to them directly ) I don’t think gerber files for this are floating around anywhere.

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ohh i was mixing it with the midi one (ming micro) it seems the source and schematics for world core were published on their diy page (from muffwigglers )

For DIY enthusiasts, firmware source code and schematics for Ming Mecca are already available for free, and Special Stage Systems will release the PCB and panel designs after the retail launch

the website is now gone, but i just checked on web.archive and schematics and source are available there ! (no sign of pcbs or panels tho)


(i will upload them here too to preserve)

World-Core-Firmware-1-07.zip (80.3 KB)
World-Core-Schematics.pdf (1.8 MB)
Control-Core-Firmware-2-01.zip (71.4 KB)
Control-Core-Schematics.pdf (868.8 KB)

btw this work is licensed with CC-BY-NC-SA


Thank you very much for this!

You uploaded the World-Core-Firmware twice in your post; here’s the Control-Core-Firmware.
Control-Core-Firmware-2-01.zip (71.4 KB)

And here are the doc packs, which include the gerbers. I had to remove the schematic from the World Core one as it’s too big to upload here with it included:
Control-Core-Documentation-V1-1.zip (3.6 MB)
World-Core-Documentation-V1-1-without-schematics.zip (3.3 MB)

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ah thnx fixed now :slight_smile:

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ohh digging a bit deeper, there is more actually, including gerbers and panels. from a more recent capture:


World-Core-Documentation-V1-1.zip (7.1 MB)
Control-Core-Documentation-V1-1.zip (3.6 MB)

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I’d offer to get some boards made up from the gerbers myself, but I live a long way from everyone so it would be cheaper if someone in the northern hemisphere did it instead.

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How did you manage to upload the large files? Scanlines wouldn’t let me :frowning:

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i just upped the upload limit for everyone (admin privileges) lol. but yess. we are on the same page haha


personally i was more interested in the midi version (also not sure if they ever supported pal - might have only been ntsc ? ) , but excited to see the code/schematics , and maybe play around with this stuff on the new propeller2 some day. so not sure if i would need pcbs

but for what its worth i have been sending some pcbs in the regular post lately , and this costs the same from germany to france as at does from germany to australia …

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I loaded up the gerbers - it’s all DIP other than the SD card slot, and the parts are all still available from reputable stores like Mouser. Awesome!


I could send them normal post from here (Australia) but it would likely take at least a month. Courier companies are much faster, but the cost is $25 for the first weight breakpoint so more than the PCBs!

I’ll probably get some made up regardless - I have some other designs to send off soon. Minimum quantity at JLCPCB is 5 so I’ll have some spares.


Ace , glad to of started this thread. I will dig into this whenever I’ve finished my controller. Only a few days away from doing so , and a lot learnt!

On this point. From people who have used it , or from people looking at it first time. Since it is free to DIY. What improvements would people like to a board like that?

I figure I should just pull out my finger and do this!

If you’d like a board set then please let me know. After I work out the price I’ll post here then wait 7 or so days and order as many PCB sets as there are people who want them.

Doing some due diligence… I now remember why I didn’t get this made up when I first found the gerbers. It’s 56HP! And only NTSC. And the output isn’t compatible with the LZX TBC.

Making changes to the source code is likely to be something best attempted by experienced programmers :slight_smile:

I’m mostly only interested in the World Core. More info: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/modules/browser?SearchName=mecca&SearchVendor=&SearchFunction=&SearchSecondaryfunction=&SearchHeight=&SearchTe=&SearchTemethod=max&SearchBuildtype=&SearchLifecycle=&SearchSet=all&SearchMarketplace=&SearchIsmodeled=0&SearchShowothers=0&order=newest&direction=asc

Edit: ReverseLandfill has some Control Core PCBs sets available over at the LZX forum: https://community.lzxindustries.net/t/fs-ft-ming-mecca-control-core-pcbs-cha-v/1908

Panels will need to be sorted at some stage too. I’ve only ever made up panels using PCBs and 56HP is pretty big for that sort of thing (12cm x 28cm) - bigger than I can do with my PCB layout software.


My cost to get the World Core PCBs (set of 3) made up comes to approx. AUD$20 per set in small quantities. Postage to you can be calculated here: https://auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/calculate-postage-delivery-times/#/ (sender postcode 5000, select Medium satchel 26.5 x 38cm Up to 1kg).

I also have a few spare Oscilloscope Graphic Artist PCBs I had made up a while ago so can include those for a few bucks each too.