Patch dissection

perhaps a little more than just sharing video output I’d like to see people discussing/dissecting their patches

with the graphviz extension working on scanlines now things are about to get very interesting

So I’ll start out with a painting tutorial video using the LZX memory palace

here is a little flow chart using graphviz showing the basic setup

and here is a video going over the ideas behind the patch
this was essentially the same patch we used for of Vidicon presentation this year (a prismatic ray was used to modulate the threshold of the doorway additionally)

lets break things down


Here is a patch backbone we have only recently (the past week?) had the equipment to build that has granted access to a lot of really incredible feedback hyperplanes.

The idea is kind of to mix between several different “taps” of the same feedback loop. Each feedback path is using some kind of obstruction to inject information into the loop:

  • the key from the Memory Palace, either in warp or paint mode.
  • putting one or more synthesized patterns into the foreground layers of Color Chords, so they lie “on top of”† the VC expander -> Color Chords background feedback image
  • physical objects / optical filters / other stuff in the camera feedback path. This one we have not really even begun to explore yet.
  • wipes between channels with the MX50 itself. The MX50 effects can do a ton of work in this patch, I’m especially fond of compression wipes and the Multi screen tiling.

†"You can not refer to image planes as in front of or behind, etc., that is just an illusory human perception. The Cathode Ray Tube knows nothing of this, I can prove it to you.” –Dan Sandin


I think it would be a great idea (for me personally and for the community at large) to go through the LZX 3 patch series and add some patch visualizations.

My goal would be eventually to spiral bind and laminate them for a physical LZX patch book

I’ll be adding pictures and more patches as I go :slight_smile:

Passage 3 Patches

Passage 3 patches video

Patch 1

Patch 2 dynamic keying

Patch 3 multi-dimensional pattern maker

Pendulum 3 Patches

Pendulum 3 patches video

Patch 1 Modulated crossfader

Patch 2 Shape synthesis

basic patch above^^
adding in videos below

Patch 3 More complicated shape synthesis

Staircase 3 Patches

Staircase 3 patches video

Patch 1 basic functionality

Basic patch

Full staircase colorization

Feedback excursion

Full staircase colorization w/ modulator

Patch 2 staircase as a voltage controlled oscillator

basic patch

adding in modulation

Patch 3 Processing External video

Color chords 3 Patches

Color chords 3 patches video

Patch 1 Basic use

Patch 2 Color chords as a matrix mixer

Patch 3 Combining Color Chords with Visual Cortex for precise color picking

variation using a multed luma out from the external video coming into visual cortex as a layer on color chords.

Doorway 3 Patches

Doorway 3 patches video

Basic example

Patch 1 Creating complex shapes

Summing PR and a V ramp through staircase

Step 1 - Setting up your shape

Step 2 - Creating a key

Step 3 - Adding modulation

Patch 2 Doorway as a simple VCO

Step 1 - Simple VCO

Step 2 - Creating different shapes

Step 3 - Adding movement

Step 4 - Using this setup as a VCO

Patch 3 Processing external video and making wipes

Step 1 - Processing external video

Step 2 - Setting up a wipe

Step 3 - combining both techniques
image key & wipe

Bridge 3 patches

Bridge 3 patches video

Patch 1 Working with TB 303 / CV & GATE instrument

Step 1 - Connecting a CV/Gate source

Step 2 - Using a fader to modulate a CV source

Step 3 - Using a mixer to modulate a Gate

Patch 2 Using crossfader and mixer to create more intricate patterns and shapes

Step 1 - setting up the fader

Step 2 - the modulation isn’t going to show too well as it is similar to the other ramps still.

Step 3 - adding modulation with additional passage channels

Step 4 - running into a staircase for extra complexity

Patch 3 Using bridge as a keyer

Step 1 - Setting up the key

Step 2 - Colorize for more fun

Step 3 - Add memory palace animation with fader

Step 4 - adding prismatic ray texture

Marble Index 3 patches

Marble Index 3 patches video

Patch 1 Basic starter

Step 1 - component video into the visual cortex then take the decoder output into marble index channel a and then into visual cortex channel a

Step 2 - Adding second source

Step 3 - Adding opacity modulation

Patch 2 Complex shape and pattern generation

Step 1 - simple pattern from staircase

Step 2 - Make key for opacity on marble index

Step 3 - Add second channel to marble index

Step 4 - Adding complexity with more modulation (opacity B, phase, Memory palace)

Patch 3 Combining 3 full color images with marble index

Step 1 - Getting an external video into marble index and patching that back into the visual cortex

Step 2 - Create pattern with staircase to use as background, including cross modulation from external video source (Y)

Step 3 - Memory palace to B RGB channel (MI), add key to opacity B

Step 4 - Y (MP) to opacity A (MI)


marble index added^^
prismatic ray next (I’m just going from oldest 3 patch videos to newest)
I need to go through and add some pictures still

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i dont have even have any lzx and loving every one of these ! :heart_eyes_cat:

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thank you so much!

I have a page in my patch notebook that is dedicated to recur setups that I love. I’m excited to get this kind of setup mapped as well