Peertube Buffering

I’m not sure if this is the right place for this, but I’m experiencing problems watching the videos on the scanlines peertube. It seems kind of random because sometimes it works fine but other times even short videos wont buffer at all. Does anyone else have similiar issues?

yeah… peertube is tricky. we have changed the configuration a couple times, and it seems like all of the videos that people have uploaded since the last change are working, so there might just be problems with certain videos.

if anyone has issues with videos uploaded in the past week or so going forward, definitely let us know. as for the older ones, i’m not sure how we could fix them, but it would probably take a long time as our server would have to re-process them.


thanks! I’ll check the newer ones!

The Peertube player has some issues with this video by @hypermosh, at least for me, as it only plays from 00’:04" onwards.

same for me - this is a weird one

This video can not be started at 0 seconds: But 2 seconds as starting point is OK.

And it did not play until end. Stopped at 12 seconds.

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gonna have to take a deepr look into these when i get the chance. thank for posting any problems you find out there !