Post some video link/embeds of your stuff here!


an unedited recording of the 06.27.2020 stream


Music video I made some years back for Tom Furse (The horrors)

Feedback/generative experiments using the now obsolete Time Blend FX in After Effects (LOUD SOUND)

Ancient videogame databending experiments (LOUD SOUND)

that time I invented 360° video before it was a thing, by sticking a xmas tree bauble to a pen


oh no im opening up AE and messing with Time Blend NOW

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@timdrage Your stuff is awesome. Noisy, but awesome :slight_smile:

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DO! but you will have to go a few versions back, I can’t remember which version off the top of my head but maybe even pre-CC ? as they removed it a while back. The description of it in the manual makes little sense and I’ve never really seen anyone online actually understand what it was originally even supposed to be for, or how to use it, but long story short it can recursively apply any combination of other AE plugins (except the ones which arbitrarily don’t work with it) on each frame.

You also have to always render previews from frame 1, and clear the cache first, or it glitches out non-interestingly.

My secret for these kind of fractal zooms was to put (I think) the obsolete ‘basic 3d’ effect in the fx chain with a small above-100% scale value and a wiggle on the position. Only used that because the Transform effect just didn’t do anything, for no apparent reason.

Here’s a very long one I made for an art installation, never properly released online since youtube compression kind of ruins it


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Thanks :slight_smile: Hoping to do more of this sort of thing soon. Found a TV in the street the other day which will help, going to set up the old video hardware again some time

Playing with some Moiré patterns in Quil (Processing for Clojure).

These were all generated by the same script, just tweaking a few variables and letting random run the course.

The last image demonstrations what the script actually does the best. It renders 3x circles by drawing lines every N degrees, then alters the radius, centroid, etc. in various ways creating all the variations above.


Here’s a videoalbum that I did with my homey Sun Dholes called ‘Life & Death @Home’. . . all found footage & BPMC gear.

This version is rescanned off a CRT with an iPhone, but you can get a cleaner VHS version here:

All hand-dubbed directly out of Premier Pro, over a Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle, with an S-Video Signal Path. V V V Clean.


really enjoying this @videopunks !

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i still have this VHS!


The colors in the last video are total chef kiss.

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Here are two things from me. The first is a piece I live-coded put through my fave Fairlight CVI effect.

This second is a video I did for a music stream. That vis is Fairlight synthesis + framebuffer + a little thing I made in p5, then cut back together. The last five minutes are the best< I think.


another old one, harsh noise music video made from densely edited video feedback and camcorder outtakes.

I should upload a better copy now video quality is a thing


Visuals created with Resolume, multiple capture cards, some prerecorded loops. Audio cut to elliptical lockgrooves.


I am very much appreciative of the sounds and visuals involved herein. thank you for sharing.

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Awesome! The scratching around 14:20 sounds very Jon Hassell. Dig it.

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Thanks, glad you like :slight_smile:

Cheers. I’m all video, James Kelly is the demon with his weird lockgrooves!

i just made this edit of a live set i did back in december…