Putting together a video rig for live use with deaf audiences

I’ve been piecing together a live video rig for projection use in a theater, or for creating promo material, while developing new works for a deaf audience. In the past I’ve focused more on collage creation with pens/paper/digital + Photomosh to create still images or short gifs. Also used cutout wood with desk lamp projection for very simple shadow puppetry. My previous shows have all involved as little tech as possible or are built around improvisation, so I’m still unsure of how this video project will evolve when I feel most comfortable just using my body onstage. :slight_smile:

Typical collage flyer example

The Video Rig as-is
  • 3trinsRGB x 2 + Plugins + Comparator
  • Oscillatoscope2
    • VGA → HDMI
  • Mainbow v2
  • 3 security cameras + Backup camera
  • MisMatcher01
  • WJ-AVE5 mixer
    • 8 x 8 composite video switcher
    • Composite to USB adapter
    • Composite to HDMI adapter
    • HDMI to Composite adapter
    • Small car backup LCD monitor w/ composite

The gear feels wonky to me at this point. I’ve still in the process of figuring out a proper workflow for it as I am no doubt missing some kit. I’ve been gradually amassing gear over a few years, but never felt confident to use it in an actual show… Things I’m considering:

  • Using a better capture process than a $10 Composite to USB
  • Video projectors (haven’t actually gotten to try one at home yet, hehe)
  • Getting my hands on a CRT monitor
  • Learning OBS for livestream purposes
  • Titlemaker 2000 or Dead Language for creation of fun text for the audience to interact with live.
  • Recur or similar (I have a number of Pi’s and Arduinos and such)

For lighting and projection at work I use:

  • QLC+ - Can be used with not only lighting rigs and projectors, but midi, joysticks, audio reactivity, etc.
  • Qlab (not my choice, but it is the standard)

Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated as I continue to secure grant funding and consider how video could be a part of my upcoming shows.


Update on this…

  • Titlemaker 2000 was purchased, but then zero anything happened… so I filed a refund. No progress here.
  • Panasonic WJ-AVE5 purchased, but turns out it is PAL and European power plug with no refund option… oops. No progress here.
  • Videonics MX-1 arrived, but with the wrong power supply.
    • Found a replacement power supply and seller refunded the difference. It now works!

eek thats some bad luck w online thrifting @jsdot !

I think you could have a lot of success with a r_e_c_u_r and a midi drum machine/kit. Im thinking one of those little drum kits with a usb midi out like this one Millenium MD-90 Mobile Drum – Thomann United States

You could have different pads switch clips/turn on shaders/effect shaders/etc and the audience could see your motion and the effect it has on the projection. You could also use an old xbox kinect camera to track your body and give midi values based on your moevement. That would almost certainly require a laptop with some software running to translate the input to midi. I have been working with turning audio signals into controls for my visuals and turning physical movement into control keeps coming up. A theramin is a great visual tool with an output that can be converted into control as well.


Cool, I have a Roland TD-3.

Just got one about a month ago for this reason. :slight_smile:

Makes sense, haven’t gotten to that point yet. …I suppose none of the video gear I currently own is Midi compatible.


Ran visuals for some bands and DJ’s for the first time. Went really well with a few cameras and pattern generators in a book store. Now I need to get an actual projector.