Scanlines housekeeping: support & wiki

hello humans of scanlines! as our 2 year birthday approaches :cake: and this forum and community has grown a little over time and seems to be providing a helpful resource, i just wanted to write up a few notes for people who might be newer, or refreshers for those for whom the pinned posts have long since disappeared in the scroll.

our server costs

as you might know, scanlines runs on our own infrastructure. this means that we have to pay monthly costs for our cloud servers (we run multiple servers: the forum server, chat + streaming server, video hosting via peertube, and our wiki). we (a small group of about 5 people) also moderate, maintain, and occasionally write custom code to help keep everything running smoothly, in our spare time because we want to help the community and feel that having a space for this type of discussion and info-sharing outside of corporate social media is important and helpful to all of us! if you’d like to help support the costs of our servers, we have an account on liberapay which allows you to set up a recurring donation:

our wiki

we have a wiki instance ( that was set up pretty recently, i just wanted to remind people that this exists. some pages have already been created and it’s looking neat so far, but could use more eyes & hands to help make it as useful as it can be. if you are logged in on this forum (, you should be able to click “log in” on the top right on the wiki and be able to edit things, create pages, etc. it is also possible to upload images although i think the storage is not super large so maybe don’t upload huge uncompressed things :slight_smile: it’s also helpful if anyone wants to spread the word that this exists, there might be some people who aren’t already on scanlines but might be interested in such a wiki.

and now we can return to our regularly scheduled programming. thank you :zap: